More info on Lehigh University’s proposed “Packer Avenue Promenade”

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Pilot study: temporary closing of Packer Avenue
Public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. Jan. 23 at the
Broughal Middle School Auditorium

Nicole Radzievich, “Should Bethlehem close this major street near Lehigh University?” Morning Call, January 16, 2020.

Gadfly’s trying to get some preliminary info out there for those who want to attend the meeting tonight — so that you can have some questions in mind.

Gadfly was able to get this PowerPoint prepared for presentation at our Environmental Advisory Council last May. It gives us a quicker way of grasping the gist of Lehigh University’s “Packer Avenue Promenade” project than the link to the full Lehigh report Gadfly gave you earlier.

Packer Promenade – Environmental Advisory Council

Also, here is an audio recording of the EAC meeting at which two Lehigh grad student contributors to the report discussed some of their findings. Old timers will recognize and enjoy the distinctive voice and style of Mike Topping, long-time City employee.

You will hear that the promenade is associated with Lehigh’s already implemented plan to be a walking campus and that the impact on Zoellner Arts Center seems to be a major concern

The Southside face of Lehigh is obviously changing with its “Path to Prominence” program.

There’s a bit of a building boom going on. There’s a new building well underway at Webster and Morton. And one going through the approval process at Webster and Packer.

One should also remember that South New Street from the Fahy Bridge up to Lehigh’s Farrington Square is due for a makeover.

Lots going on. We can’t lose sight of the good things Lehigh does for the Southside. Followers might remember that Gadfly enjoyed taking a leisurely, multi-post walk through the Sunrise on the Southside documentary.

But, as a follower just said to him, Lehigh looks out for itself.

One issue with the promenade might be parking. The two new buildings in the area mentioned above take off over 150 parking spaces. A small parking lot on Packer Ave. will be lost by the promenade. Street parking along Packer will also be lost.

At a Planning Commission meeting two weeks or so ago, Lehigh said that it has a surplus of 2000+ parking spaces on campus overall, 400+ on lower campus adjacent to the promenade, and 100+ in the Zoellner parking zone.

Gadfly suggests Lehigh be sworn under oath on those numbers.

Just sayin’.

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  1. With Lehigh’s population projected to increase significantly and two major buildings being added nearby, I think this will be more important in the future.

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