Some visuals on the temporary closing of Packer Ave. for the pilot study

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Pilot study: temporary closing of Packer Avenue
Public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. Jan. 23 at the
Broughal Middle School Auditorium

Nicole Radzievich, “Should Bethlehem close this major street near Lehigh University?” Morning Call, January 16, 2020.

So there’s a proposal on the table to close the part of Packer Ave. between Vine and Webster Sts. that runs in between sections of Lehigh University.

The idea is to make the closed area a pedestrian mall.

Let’s get some eyes on the area.

Visual 1:

packer 5

  • the section x’d is the section closing on Packer between Vine and Webster for the pilot study
  • the arrow on the left shows the route of pretty heavy traffic coming from Wyandotte/Rt 378 on to Summit, then left onto Brodhead that will not be able to use Packer to go east
  • the arrows on the right shows the current normal routes of pretty heavy traffic traveling east on Packer turning left down to 4th St. and right up Hillside
  • a just-being-approved new classroom building at Webster and Packer will add more foot traffic at that corner

Visual 2:

Packer 7

  • a close-up of the designated area
  • the brackets indicate the area on Packer between Vine and Webster
  • the arrows indicate the path that a veritable torrent of students take up and down campus crossing Packer Ave.
  • especially at class shift time this area — which is only marked with a cross-walk — is territory in which it is particularly troublesome and dangerous for people and vehicles to co-exist

Visual 3:

This link to google maps should take you to the corner of Vine and Packer looking east on Packer toward Webster, and you should be able to maneuver down to Webster. If the link  doesn’t work, use google street view yourself to “drive” east on Packer.

So let’s start thinking about what the issues, if any, are and who the stakeholders are.

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