Chatter around Gadfly’s water-cooler about the Council presidential election

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What followers are saying to Gadfly:

  • Negron could have continued to serve as VP and waited her turn, as Waldron did.


  • While Negron’s supporters were the majority in the room, they did not necessarily represent the majority in the city.


  • It could be viewed as a proud moment that council did not bow to the pressure of those present.


  • Waldron spoke and comported himself well and remained composed.


  •  Waldron’s “soft gavel” approach is understandable and principled.


  • Critics of Waldron’s “soft gavel” approach benefited from it at the meeting.


  • Expertise for running a meeting comes from time and experience, and Waldron will get better.


  • Are we overlooking the milestone of Colon as the first Hispanic vice president?


All perspectives welcome.

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