Another Main Event: City Council chooses a vice president

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The spotlight is always on the presidency.

Especially this year.

Especially because of the twenty two residents flooding the podium to support Olga Negron. (Has lehighvalleylive’s Sara Satullo ever been quoted more?)

The vote was 4-3 in favor of Adam Waldron.

Councilfolk Colon, Crampsie Smith, and Reynolds voted for Waldron. Councilfolk Callahan and Van Wirt voted for Negron.

The room was heavily pro-Negron, so there was an audible orgasmic lament at the decision.

The election of the vice president is normally anti-climactic.

Not so this time.

The nominees were Michael Colon and Paige Van Wirt.

The vote was 4-3 in favor of Michael Colon — Callahan, Crampsie Smith, and Waldron siding with Colon, and Negron and Reynolds siding with Van Wirt.

What qualifies the election of vice president a Main Event is what was said.

Listen. Think. And we’ll come back and discuss.

2020 let’s hope is a year to see more clearly.
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