Who is Olga Negron? Part 4

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So twenty two people “flooded” the Town Hall podium at the City Council meeting last Monday. (Has Gadfly told you this before?)

Their purpose — to support one person for Council president: Olga Negron. (Has Gadfly told you this before?)

No one spoke for anyone else.

Who is this Olga Negron to spark such response? (Has Gadfly asked you this before?)

Here are more clips from the audience.

Whatever you think of Negron, pay attention to these models of public engagement.

Gadfly loves it when the public finds their voices.

(When was the last time you spoke at a City Council meeting?)

  • . . . bi-partisan support.
  • . . . the best listener.
  • I have seen the depth of her knowledge of the City of Bethlehem.
  • paying attention . . . always first and foremost to the lives of ordinary people.
  • . . . beloved to such an extraordinary degree . . .
  • . . . would guarantee this Council a kind of respect and attention from the citizens of Bethlehem.
  • she’s qualified, smart . . .
  •  . . . witnessed her love of community . . .
  • . . . deep, deep commitment, thoughtfulness, and even-handedness . . .
  • . . . manages people beautifully, you don’t even know that she’s doing it . . .
  • . . . helping people to move toward that themselves . . .
  • she’s a dynamo . . . boundless energy, but she’s also the kind of dynamo that doesn’t roll over you.
  • 2020 . . . is a very appropriate year [anniversary of women’s suffrage] to have the second woman president of the City Council.
  • . . . clearly worked to gain this expertise and thereby utilize her leadership and organizational skills.
  • . . . you listen . . .
  • If you are truly our servants and respect the will of the people who put you there, I think you got a very clear image of what is our will.
  • Do you support the will of the public who put you there or a political choice?

to be continued . . .

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