Who is Olga Negron? Part 3

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“Betting on Bethlehem”

Olga Negron

So one thread Gadfly is following in his mind this week is the import of the Council election that occurred last Monday night.

A meeting at which twenty-two residents “flooded the podium” (in the words of a newspaper report) to support Olga Negron in her (unsuccessful) bid for the Council presidency.

Gadfly has been a Council-watcher for 25 months, 16 months as a gadfly, and he’s never seen anything like this.

It was rather extraordinary.

So who is this Olga Negron?

And why would she inspire such enthusiasm in so many?

In past posts we’ve looked at her resume as well as a sampling of actual words from her supporters.

Gadfly would now point you to the twenty-minute interview with Negron that was part of the “Betting on Bethlehem” documentary by Lehigh students that premiered in November.

Here we can, as it were, sit across the table from her and hear her own words.

“Betting on Bethlehem” interviews a group of residents on a specific topic: “the social and economic impact of the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem on the South Bethlehem community.”

The interviewees are Les Bernal, Paul Pierpoint, Sonia Vazquez, John Callahan, Roger Hudak, Chloe Taft, Tony Hanna, Bill Kuntze, Doug Walker, Jason Schiffer, Donna Taggart, and . . . Olga Negron.

This quiet, warm, intimate interview is a wonderful introduction to Negron’s personality and character.

Gadfly knows Negron can whoop it up at a rally, but he has described her voice at Council as a “radio voice.” When she talks, you feel you want to lean in, to get close, to make contact. It’s an inviting voice. It’s striking and quite different than the other Council voices.

Especially noteworthy in this interview is her willingness to work with others, her ability to change her mind — a trait not so noticeable in elected officials — her honesty, and her persistence.

to be continued . . .


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