Good development news

Here are two articles about noteworthy improvements around town that accumulated in Gadfly’s newsbag while he was behind the moon for a couple weeks.

(Did you notice Gadfly’s absence?) (Tip o’ the hat to those who did!)

The golf course:

Nicole Radzievich, “Course correction: How Bethlehem turned around its cash-strapped golf course in one year.” Morning Call, December 26, 2019.

Remember that 1-2 years ago there was serious talk about the future or non-future of the City golf course. Gadfly remembers Business Administrator Evans and Councilman Callahan keeping the faith,  and taking the lead, and the hiring of manager Larry Kelchner seemed a major turning point.

During recent budget hearings even prior skeptics had turned into believers.

Remember especially the worry about cutting down trees? We were asked to trust Mr. Kelchner. And to Gadfly’s eye, the tree work has left the course looking smart as he drives by.

There was another article in the paper yesterday about changes in management and improvements in the restaurant at the course.

That “recreation row” on Illick’s Mill is surely beautiful. Councilman Callahan asked again at the last Council meeting about moving the Recycling operation out of that stretch of good road — sounds like a good idea.

The Flatiron building:

Ryan Kneller, “Bethlehem’s newest brewery, featuring a rooftop beer garden, nearing completion at former parking deck.” Morning Call, December 26, 2019.

Remember the scary parking garage there across from Ahart’s on the Southside?  Looked like a haven for rapists and rodents.

Big change in the works.

Gadfly remembers being very excited at a Planning meeting where designs were laid out.

Though he wonders how many Brewing companies the world can sustain.

Feels like main attention has been focused east on 3rd and 4th streets. Could this mean something’s starting to cook westward?

Bethlehem treasure LEPOCO on 4th St. on the other side of the Flatiron is — last Gadfly heard — losing its lease — so what’s going on in this area?

That business strip on Broadway heading toward Wyandotte and then around the corner on Wyandotte going toward Hill-to-Hill could use a bit of brightening.

Gadfly’s often been grinchy in these pages about “developments,” but he feels pretty good about these two doin’s.

Quick further thought — Gadfly sees exterior work being done on a building on Brodhead near 3rd, across from Comfort Suites — another nice and needed development.

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