Good conversation building community at the Moravian block watch

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“Good conversation builds community,” sayeth the Gadfly.

Block watches are good conversation.

What’s a block watch like? Well, read and view on.

On December 4 Gadfly attended the Moravian block watch in north Bethlehem coordinated by Councilwoman Grace Crampsie Smith and Katie Regan.

Attending were police officer Kopp, Representative Steve Samuelson, William Penn principal Joe Anthes, and a dozen or so neighborhood residents.

Topics discussed included traffic and growing drug problems.

Here office Kopp responds to a question about speeding:

To which Representative Samuelson added info about times when outside money helped benefit the traffic situation:

The conversation took a dramatically serious turn when resident Eddie Rodriquez opened the conversation to drugs and gang-related activity growing in the northside.

Officer Kopp picks up the conversation and fills the group in on what it takes to make a drug bust these days.

The Moravian block watch usually meets the first Wednesday of the month (2nd Wednesday in January because of the holiday) at 6PM in the HUB Building, Moravian College.

Contact Councilwoman Crampsie Smith at

Gadfly would love to hear about other block watches across the City.

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