Councilman Callahan proposing a wage equality ordinance

Councilman Callahan will be introducing this “wage equality” ordinance at Council next Tuesday night. Click the link for the full text.

Callahan Wage Equality Ordinance

“The premise of this ordinance is that salary offers should be based upon the specific job responsibilities of a position, and not based upon an applicant’s prior wage history, so as to avoid the perpetuation of gender wage inequalities.”

This idea has been aborning for a while. Gadfly first heard Councilman Callahan talk about it a meeting of Bethlehem Democrats last February. He provides good context.

See also: Nicole Radzievich, “Councilman Bryan Callahan wants to stop Bethlehem businesses from asking job applicants this question.” Morning Call, January 31, 2019.

Callahan 2

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