Our ethics ordinance

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Gadfly mentioned in a previous post that the Council ethics link had not made the migration from the old City web site to the new one.

Business Administrator Eric Evans has acted to remedy that situation. The link will soon be restored on the Disclosure page.

In the meantime, a follower provided the missing link.


Ordinance passed May 2017.

This was the result of a wider Ethics discussion at that time.

Councilwoman Van Wirt (and others perhaps) talked of returning to that wider discussion during election campaign time earlier this year.

Gadfly would look forward to that conversation.

Recent goings on should have put us in the mood.

How would you like to see our elected officials held accountable if you were drafting a new ordinance?

One thought on “Our ethics ordinance

  1. I think it’s good to see this on the c its website, but we need to remember that PA’s ethics statute is not particularly strong and does not cover many of the situations in the ordinance proposed a few years ago by Councilwoman Negron and others.

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