Resident chatter around Gadfly’s water-cooler about Councilman Callahan and the ethics issue

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What followers are saying to Gadfly:

  • There is no pay to play inferred here, which is exactly what brought down elected officials in Reading and Allentown. That connection between Bethlehem and those cities does not correlate.
  • I hope the ethics ordinance is re-introduced and passed. Councilman Reynolds was going to introduce something on campaign finance.
  • I absolutely agree with Council’s action to remove [BGC] as liaison to BPA.  His obstinance on this issue feels like a dentist’s drill at work.
  • The Mayor does not control the hiring of the Parking Authority director, who [BGC]  announced is resigning effective sometime this month. His brother [John, former Mayor] was very good at jumping the gun on announcements others wanted to control by releasing at their discretion, not at a Callahan’s discretion.
  • He’s [BGC] passive-aggressive. One minute he’s attacking, the next minute conciliatory.
  • This issue is not attributable to the Mayor as he [BGC] keeps stating. He just won’t let any of this go.
  • What we are witnessing at Council and in City Hall is “Kabuki Theater.” [There is no chopped liver among Gadfly followers]

What’s in your wallet, er, thinking?

to be continued . . .

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