The recent attacks upon AMK’s ethics are way off base

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Steve Melnick is a retired economic development executive and a 25-year resident of Bethlehem.


In the past I have not been a big fan of the way AMK runs her department. Speaking from personal experience when I was purchasing another townhouse, her staff seems to be less than professional. However, the recent attacks upon her ethics are way off base. During the review of the Parking Authority RFP, I wondered to some people why an award was made to a developer who not only came in with a higher cost but also asked for tax relief through the KIZ. Was the other developer unaware of the KIZ benefits? It seems to me that AMK was using sound logic in trying to recommend the equally qualified developer who submitted a lower bid. Why would you arbitrarily agree to pay more for something than you have to? Of course, the lowest bidder did not employ any relatives on city council. That is what makes this whole incident so baffling. The relative WON the bidding. What more does BGC want?


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