The text of Councilman Callahan’s press conference statement: let the good conversation begin

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Guess where Gadfly spent his lunch hour.

Ok, NOW Gadfly thinks you have all of the info on which to start forming ideas and opinions about Councilman Callahan’s suggestions of possible unethical behavior by the Director of Community Development and his approach to handling this matter.

Here for quicker reference is the text of Councilman Callahan’s press conference statement that we have on video a couple of posts back.

Callahan press conference statement

Please don’t neglect the video, however — a lot of relevant “information” can be picked up from tone and delivery.

And remember that there was a long “Q ‘n A” on video in that post as well, so be sure not to neglect that important portion of the press conference either.

So, indeed, let the good conversation begin.

Important issues here.

And the reputations of Councilman Callahan, Mayor Donchez, and Director of Community Development Karner are out on a limb.

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