Well-informed commenters offer more relevant comments

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Although I was not able to make the meeting to which Dr. Pooley refers, I would definitely second his requests for technological or even duplicate easel displays of the presentations that are made at each Planning Commission meeting, as well as his request to find some way to share as much as possible with the public before meetings occur. If public participation is, indeed, welcomed as part of the process and is taken into serious consideration by the PC, it would help to allow residents to think about their concerns and comments (both positive and negative) well before they might step up to the microphone. With more facts at hand, the comments would be more meaningful (and perhaps even more concise!). And with better information shared ahead of time, as well as greater knowledge gleaned from renderings, etc. that are made visible and shared at the PC meeting, well-informed commenters will inevitably be able to offer more significant, relevant comments to help the PC members with their decision-making . . . IF they are genuinely open to that kind of public engagement.


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  1. Sside makes a good point, although he is not clear how much time will be needed to explore the exhibits before the meeting.

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