The 2020 budget: we are in Council’s hands

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One of the prompts that candidates for Council in the May primary responded to (high-five again!) for Gadfly was “Talk about budgets and the budgeting process, arguably the most important power and responsibility that City Council has.”

Thus Gadfly has statements from last May by Councilpersons Colon, Reynolds, Van Wirt, and Crampsie Smith but not Callahan, Negron, and Waldron.

Though we don’t have complete Council voices, and though these statements are not directly related to the 2020 budget now in front of us, it seems pertinent to bring these statements back into view as Council is now faced with a real budget and a real decision.

Gadfly budget statements

Gadfly encourages you to review these statements again as we enter budget season.

We are in Council’s hands.

The reason that Gadfly is proposing a “Perspectives on the Budget” thread (as described in the last post) and looking for volunteers is to have an eye on and a voice in the upcoming deliberations and decisions.

Of course, make your views known to Council members. Contact info can be found on the Gadfly sidebar. And there will soon be a link to the budget draft itself there.

But Gadfly hopes we will have people willing to share those views with the wider community here.

“Good conversation builds community.”

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