Medicare for All debate a waste of time

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Bruce Haines is a Lehigh graduate who returned to Bethlehem after a 35-year career at USSteel. He put together a 12-member Partnership to rescue the Hotel Bethlehem from bankruptcy in 1998 and lives in the historic district.


Certainly a waste of time by our politicians to debate this [Medicare for All] in Bethlehem City Council.

What do Councilmen Reynolds & Colon know about what is best for employers in Bethlehem as alleged?

Is Councilman Reynolds prepared to pay substantially more for his insurance than he pays now in order to get rationed healthcare as doctors & hospitals close based upon 100% Medicare rates?

We have a vibrant health care insurance market where businesses like ours [Hotel Bethlehem] have been able to manage our healthcare cost & give great options for benefits to our employees.

The competitive marketplace works here in Bethlehem for employers & employees.

Council needs to spend more time holding the city to enforcement of their ordinances instead of debating stuff out of their knowledge base or control.


3 thoughts on “Medicare for All debate a waste of time

  1. Gadfly,

    I currently am working my way through retirement, by being an active licensed Medicare Advisor (salesman). I am not a salesperson, I am a salesman. Bruce Haines is spot on with his comments. For City Council to work on taking a position for Medicare-for-all is a total waste of City Council time, and it shows that they are pro-government anti-businesses. At the city level, that is meaningless. This country did not get as great as it is because of the ingenuity of bureaucrats in government, including the ones on City Council.

  2. Medicare should be available for all, although people should be able to opt out if they can find something better.

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