Power of the City website is being under-utilized

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I’ve visited the website to re-enlist under esign-up. Not sure if you were registered on the past website whether you need to do that again.

Now, they need to use that feature to disseminate all city news and information to the public. I get information from only 3 areas: recycling, streets, and economic development.

Flu shots? Why not an email blast to residents that alerts them to the schedule and locations of clinics? Why not a link in that email to the schedule/locations?

Availability of CDBG/HOME funds? Why not an email to participants that has a link to documents?

Zoning hearing board meeting scheduled? Why not an announcement emailed with a link to the agenda, supporting documentation, and prior meeting minutes.

Snow emergency? Why not an email blast to announce it?

I can go on and on, but until this website is used the way it can be to keep all lines of communication open to the public who opt in, its power is being under-utilized.

Dana Grubb

Which leads Gadfly to wonder again about the whereabouts of a report on the City Communication Survey done earlier in the year.

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