H. D.: “Never more will the wind / cherish you again”

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Bethlehem-born writer Hilda Doolittle — H. D. —  (1886-1961) is
the “Lehigh Valley’s most important literary figure.”

“Master,” said the Grasshopper, “what good is poetry?”

“Wait, Grasshopper,” said the Master, “till you have suffered loss. And then you will know.”


Never more will the wind
cherish you again,
never more will the rain.

Never more
shall we find you bright
in the snow and wind.

The snow is melted,
the snow is gone,
and you are flown:

Like a bird out of our hand,
like a light out of our heart,
you are gone.

H. D.

Let this little poem by our Bethlehem poet whom we have discovered and celebrated all year sink in for an hour. Then come back to Gadfly again.

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