“Bethlehem has history to celebrate . . . We always come to Bethlehem”

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One of Gadfly’s major heroes is Thoreau, you know, the guy who went to live in the woods (though the meaning of that “sojourn,” as he called it, is most often misunderstood).

Thoreau loved mornings.

“The Morning, which is the most memorable season of the day, is the awakening hour . . . All intelligences awake with the morning.”

Gadfly loves Monday morning especially — new week, new beginning, rebirth.

Gadfly has three first-semester college grandchildren right now.

He writes them cheerleading emails every Monday morning, urging them to awake with the morning of the week and to do well.

Here’s a cheerleading Monday morning message for you.

From an Allentown visitor to Touchstone Theatre’s Festival UnBound “Prometheus / Redux” play.

  • “As much as you need to know where you’re going, and that’s so important, I think to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished.”
  • “You guys have it together.”
  • “You give us art, you give us community.”
  • “We in Allentown wonder why they can’t do it better.”
  • “Bethlehem has history to celebrate; Allentown was a banking community.”
  • “You can’t celebrate banking.”
  • “We’re from Allentown . . . We always come to Bethlehem.”

Gadfly loves the voices of “real” people. That’s why he tries to amplify them so much in these pages.

Festival UnBound
Closed but never forgotten

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