“We mustn’t abandon the promise of the hidden seed”

(41st in a series of posts on Touchstone Theatre)

“Hidden Seed: Bethlehem’s Forgotten Utopia”
Thursday, October 10 8:00-9:30p
final performance
panel discussion following the show
(at PBS 39)

Touchstone 1

We mustn’t abandon the promise of unity,
We mustn’t abandon the promise of the hidden seed  . . .
The hidden seed is planted in every generation
because those who want justice keep it alive . . .
We did it . . .
and now we are here to pass it on.

Gadfly suspects that the panel discussion after the performance tonight
will focus on the flowering of the hidden seed
in our day . . .

Be there?

Even if you’ve seen the play already.

How to Festival UnBound

Festival UnBound
Ten days of original theatre, dance, music, art and conversation designed to celebrate and imagine our future together!
October 4-13

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