“We look ahead as a new day dawns”

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Gadfly is so sorry — Anne Hills — he misheard her name on the video

And sorry that the video is chunky and incomplete, but there is a full audio


So a dinosaur falls sooner or later,

Shakes the ground, leaves a crater,

A town to fall in, be torn apart

Leavin’ nothin’ but bones and a broken heart.

. . . . .

Now bones of steel they still are there,

Fossilized in the Lehigh air,

But time is short, it hurries on,

We look ahead as a new day dawns.

When the dinosaur fell, we felt the thunder,

It tried to push this whole town under.

But dreamers work and workers dream,

What may seem lost was soon redeemed,

Both sides of the river, new life is growing.

. . . . .

This valley sings of the men, the women,

Everything once made and all been given,

by those long here or immigrant hands,

we regenerate and restore these lands.

And where the steelstacks stood, there’s music ringin’,

Through the old mill walls, you’ll hear children singin,’

While the old men talk and recall the ways

That the dinosaur lived in the dinosaur days.

 . . . .

Yeah, we look ahead as a new day dawns.

(stay tuned for more audio and video)

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One thought on ““We look ahead as a new day dawns”

  1. My 18 years in Bethlehem qualify me as “just barely” past newcomer status, so I did not live through the closing of the Steel years. But I am more than grateful for those who have worked to recreate Bethlehem into the place I gladly call home. Sure there are challenges but there are plenty of good people committed to continuously improving it. Last night’s opening was a testament to that commitment.

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