So, Gadfly, show us 11 and 15 W. Garrison!

(6th in a series of posts about 11 and 15 W. Garrison St.)

The proposal to re-zone 11 and 15 W. Garrison as part of a major project taking up the entire 700 block of New St. is up for a first reading at Council tonight.

We have a substantial thread on this issue already.

But here are some visuals!

Be thinking about what factors you would weigh in making the decision facing Council tonight.

What would you do if you were at the Head Table?

We’ll come back and discuss.

One thought on “So, Gadfly, show us 11 and 15 W. Garrison!

  1. My vote would be “no.” I’d ask the developer to come back with a more reasonable project that doesn’t substantially alter the streetscape, nor overwhelm the mass and scale that already exist in this area. A row of townhomes, perhaps, for homeownership opportunities? Dana


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