How do they fit? . . . Are they a done deal?

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(10th in a series of posts about 548 N. New St.)

How pertinent to consider Mr. Vergilio’s*** comments at the Sept. 17 Council meeting as a follow-up to Kim’s “Historical preservation pays” post.

Gadfly always amazed these days at how fast time goes.

A sign of his senior-seniorness.

(Sinatra’s “But the days grow short when you reach September” plays faintly in his inner ear these days.)

Been 8 days since he promised a “to be continued” on 548 N. New.

The 11 and 15 W. Garrison St. matter popped up (see sidebar).

Can’t multi-task anymore.

In media res the Garrison St. discussion, Jerry Vergilio*** stepped up twice — calmly, concisely, patiently, sensibly — to put the current issue in its meaningful frame.

548 N. New and Skyline West:

How do they fit?

Are they a done deal?

Vergilio*** is Everyman, a concerned citizen who doesn’t understand the thought process or the bureaucratic process or the political process that has enabled these highly significant visible projects to outrun his awareness and anyone’s ability to curb their forward motion.

Like the comments by Kim Carrell-Smith and Bill Scheirer at the Planning Commission meeting on 548 that Gadfly has reported on, Vergilio is too late.

Too late.

“Done deal.”

The death knell to citizen participation.

  • 2 W. Market, at least they had the decency to make something that fit in the neighborhood.
  • I don’t know what the zoning issues are, but as far as what they did, they made something that fit there.
  • But we have two buildings going up — 546 New St. and Skyline View — they’re totally inappropriate buildings.
  • They overlook the historic district, they don’t belong there.
  • They’re glass and metal — I don’t know how anyone could say they belong right next to the historic district.
  •  . . . doesn’t fit.
  • 546 New St. was in the paper last week — apparently it’s a done deal.
  • That a done deal? . . .Nobody knows? . . . Nobody knows?
  • How about Skyline View?
  • I mean, do they still have a chance to be modified?
  • That doesn’t go past you guys first?
  • And then whatever’s built there is up to whomever buys the property?
  • How about 546-548 New St.? — it was put in the paper as a done deal — it’s the first I ever heard about it.

Gadfly recalls his own “teachable moment” post in one of his modest proposals.

We need to take the shroud off this entire development process.

*** Gadfly taking this man’s name from the video — hope it is correct.

to be continued . . . (yeah, yeah, we heard that before)

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