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Festival UnBound
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October 4-13

(The latest in a series of posts relating to the environment, Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan, and Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council)

Gadfly has started to follow the Radical Moderate blog by Alison Steele, a Bethlehem native and Liberty grad: “The purpose of this site is to document my exploration of different ways to reduce my own footprint.”

Alison is Director of Community Programs & Advocacy at Conservation Consultants, Inc. in Pittsburgh.

Her recent post is on a climate change scarf!

Gadfly remembers that Brian Hillard of our Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) met her on the conference circuit and reported on their conversation.

Give the work of this local daughter of “former-hippie parents” a look!

It’s Sunday, September 22, do you know where your local Climate Action Plan is?


Festival UnBound

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