Boom times?

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So, apropos of much Gadfly traffic lately, one follower asks:

Where are all these deep-pocketed tenants — residential and retail — going to come from?

Forsooth, we’re looking at one helluva lot of new apartments coming online.

Gadfly — dancing with the downsizing devil — may be looking for one.

But he’s not deep-pocketed.

Is Bethlehem a deep-pocket magnet?

Mr Connell — of the Garrison development we have most recently been discussing — mentioned that he’s engaged a study. I wonder what it will show.

Take a look at this list of apartments (numbers may be off):

548 — Martin Tower
74 — New/Garrison
33 — 548 N. New
120 — Boyd Theater
40-50 — Skyline
33 — Polk St.

And what has Gadfly overlooked?

We are creeping toward 1000 new “luxury” apartments.

Is that realistic?

Will an oversupply drive the price down into Gadfly’s range?

So big that we might have to put on an extra Councilperson to handle the work!

Festival UnBound

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