Gadfly turns 1!

Born September 16, 2018, just at this time — 2PM


Definition of gadfly
1: any of various flies that annoy livestock

2: a person who stimulates other people especially by persistent criticism
3: someone who challenges people in positions of power


1,032 posts and 365 days later.

The ceremonial time to touch base with the beginning, with the original purpose, with the original spirit.

A time to take stock.

What is Gadfly about?

That introduction is pretty pompous, pretty idealistic, but I still subscribe to its essence.

And won’t rewrite. In fact, you can’t rewrite what is in effect the creating moment.

At that creating moment you aren’t really in control, and you can’t re-live it.

I still believe that the fantasies we have shape the lives we lead.

Mine is a Norman Rockwell fantasy of Bethlehem as the small town embodied in the “Freedom of Speech” painting and Rockwell’s other works.

A place of good will, a place of mutual respect, a place where residents care and participate, a place where leaders listen as they lead.

I try to run Gadfly as an example of democracy in action, a place for healthy dialog about issues that concern our city.

I love your voices, as I have tried to show you time after time.

I’m not sure I’ll change anything of substance in the upcoming year.

But I would like to see some changes:

  • more original posts from you, the followers — not just comments on my posts or the posts of others, but thoughtful, original, chain-starting posts


  • and this might be a bridge too far in the trust that can be built in just a year, but posts from our elected officials and city administrators providing facts, trying out ideas, sharing visions, correcting misconceptions, combating ignorance — trusting the value of what we can never have too much of, good communication, good conversation

“Good conversation builds community.”

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