2 W. Market at Zoning Board tonight — can you be there?

(81st in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

Zoning Hearing Board, Wednesday, September 11, Town Hall, 6PM

Gadfly writing in haste again . . .

Gadfly’s approaching his one-year anniversary. The quick look back at the 80+ posts on “2 W. Market” shows his attempt for balance in disputes and some of his best thinking and writing.

If he doesn’t say so himself.

Gadfly did take a position for the neighbor group and against the owners of 2 W. Market.

But only after balanced reflection.

And laying out his reasons in detail.

As he said, “One can deny the petition [of the 2 W. Marketers] without impugning the character, good intentions, and good work of the [2 W. Marketers].”

And he continued to listen carefully to all sides and consider and reconsider his position.

If he doesn’t say so himself.

Though not everyone agreed.

Take a look at these posts from early on in the controversy.

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Can you attend tonight?

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