Thanks a lot Parking Authority!

(119th in a series of posts on parking)

ssinsider is known to Gadfly but prefers to remain anonymous.


To amend your last comment, perhaps Gadfly is impossibly optimistic about the BPA having any interest in doing something better for the rest of the community.

Nope: just a parking garage. And some cash. The End.

No sense of the greater good (ie: the potential effect of increasing foot traffic and bringing diverse folks to that area), the long-term (particularly the aesthetics on that main drag into/out of Bethlehem), and what the residents of Bethlehem will have to live with for a LONG time. Thanks a lot Parking Authority. I’ll admit I am not familiar with either Peron or Nova, but at least have the courtesy to PRETEND to consider the greater good, appealing aesthetics, and future of our community. Just act interested, rather than letting us believe you are biased or making secret back room deals. Surely you wouldn’t be doing that . . . would you?


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