Sunrise on the SouthSide (1)

(Latest in a series of posts about Lehigh University and the Southside)

SS sunrise 1
“Sunrise on the SouthSide” is a striking promotional web project produced by Lehigh University. We will surely want to look at this powerful work in some detail over the course of several posts.

But to start our examination let’s look at the extremely well done lead video of the project, which has this caption:

“Lehigh University, its partners in the community and the City of Bethlehem join forces to foster South Bethlehem’s resurgence. In the two decades since local steelmaking operations ended at the Bethlehem Steel Corp., the South Side of Bethlehem is having its moment.”

This Lehigh video (and the project) remind us of a lot of good things.

“This is our home for four years.” — Lehigh student

“As someone who grew up on the South Side, we’ve been talking about redevelopment and revitalization of South Bethlehem for 30 years, and now it’s happening.” — Mayor Donchez

“[Bethlehem], just a fun place overall . . . and then the newness and vitality that the youth of the University brings.” — Warren Clark, local shop owner

The Lehigh strategy: 1) a Southside clean and safe, 2) participation in the schools, 3) economic development, and 4) neighborhood stabilization. — Lehigh Administrator Fred McGrail

“We’re really working together to make South Bethlehem a home for Lehigh University students. . . . We want potential students to come to Lehigh University because of the downtown and because of Lehigh University.” — Missy Hartney, Southside Arts manager

“If all you had available to you while you were in school had to come from the campus itself, it’s a very limiting experience.” — Lehigh President John Simon

“The Southside is our community, and we have a duty and responsibility to the community that we are a part of.” — Lehigh administrator Carolina Hernandez

“Lehigh has been very involved with the Hispanic Center . . . and one of the donors for the Fowler Community Wellness Center.” — Victoria Montero, Hispanic Center

“Students . . . weren’t necessarily venturing down into South Bethlehem, and then that’s the reason for the Ambassadors.” — Lehigh Administrator Adrienne McNeil

“I’m a believer that if you care deeply about the City, you are going to move people into the City.” — Lehigh President John Simon

“I think it’s incredible that Bethlehem’s getting such a second chance.” Warren Clark, local shop owner

In some ways South Bethlehem really is a great comeback story. . . . There’s a great sense of pride in South Bethlehem and always has been.” — Lehigh Administrator Fred McGrail

“I think the entire City today realizes the great partnership we have between Lehigh and the City of Bethlehem.” — Mayor Donchez

“Everything that we do is truly with each other.” — Lehigh administrator Carolina Hernandez

“We’ve only just begun.” — Missy Hartney, Southside Arts manager

“We are now stepping off the Hill. We are growing more into the community. . . . and the community almost seems brighter because we’re taking care of each other.” — Lehigh student

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