The Zoning Board controversy: part 3

(The latest in a series of posts on City government)

Gadfly apologizes for the plodding and pedestrian way he approaches issues before making a decision. But he likes to get all the information out there in front of him. And you.

Nominee1 ran unsuccessfully for City Council in the May primary. Here is a listing of her campaign contributions (combining the May and June reports available on the City web site).

Gadfly finds these seeming  — but in this case at hand not especially relevant — errors in the forms:

  • $500 error on the May Part C — one $500 contributor is not identified & left out
  • contributors on the June Part A do not look like PACs
  • no amount given for a contributor on the June Part A
  • Part C in June is incomplete, repeats earlier items, and miscategorizes contributors

These campaign finance reports are the basis for questioning Nominee1’s nomination by the several Councilpersons.

Gadfly may be wrong, but he possibly associates these names with the builder/developer community and pro-developer views — but is ready to stand corrected and apologizes for any mischaracterization: Gavin McGeehan ($100), Thomas Barker ($100), Christian Perruci ($1750), Dennis Benner ($1000), Dominic Villani ($300), David Ronca ($500), Robert DeBeer ($750), and, of course, the political committees.

Councilman Callahan explained the circumstances surrounding his contribution to Nominee1’s campaign at the Council meeting, indicating that it was a loan because of a delay of Union PAC money arriving and that she returned his contribution, but that return is not reflected on these campaign finance reports that Gadfly can see. Again, he apologizes if he is misreading.

The forms also seem to indicate that Nominee1 paid her printing bills before receiving the large contribution from Councilman Callahan — the reason she needed the large loan according to BC — but the forms can be confusing and the Gadfly may be wrong about that.

Many Gadfly followers may have never seen local campaign finance reports. He never did till prompted by this occasion.

What do you see?

Part A: Political Committees $50-$250
100  — McNeil for Pa.

Part B: All Other Contributions $50-$250
100  — Gavin McGeehan
100  — Mark Diluzio
100  — Joanne Tott
100  — Donna Pierog
100 — Gracinda Glick
250  — John Freund III
100  — Evangelina Papadopoulos
100  — Janet Jackson
250  — Daniel Krasnick
250  — Dino and Joanna Cantelmi
100  — Thomas and Jama Barker
100  — Marie Sterlein
250   — Christian Perruci
100   — Mark Will Weber
250   — Rodney and Diane Holt
100  — Walter Culpepper

Part C: Political Committees over $250
500  — Friends of Kevin Lott
500  — Friends of Bryan Callahan
500  — Asbestos Workers PAC
500  — IBEW Local
4000 — Friends of Bryan Callahan
1000 — International Union of Operating Engineers

Part D: All Other Contributions over $250
1000 — Dennis Benner
300   — Dominic Villani
500  —  David Ronca
750  —  Robert DeBeer
1500 — Christian Perruci

More analysis will follow later today or tomorrow. Keep chewing.

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