Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, Touchstone Theatre “Festival UnBound” in October

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“Festival UnBound is part of Touchstone’s mission of community-building.”

Faithful followers know that “community” is aphrodisiac for Gadfly.

Musikfest is in full FEST mode, but it is time to mark your calendars for another major, similarly 10-day-long festival, this time featuring a variety of local talent.

Festival UnBound

Look at the participants and locales on the above web site or in the article linked below: Touchstone Theatre and its ensemble members, the Greenway, Charter Arts students, the Bethlehem Area Public Library, Sisters’ House, Bethlehem highschoolers, Payrow Plaza, Mock Turtle Marionettes, SteelStacks, Nazareth High School choir, Zoellner Arts Center, Moravian College undergrads, the Cafe the Lodge, the Charles Brown Ice House, Godfrey Daniels, Sigal Museum, Miller Symphony Hall, etc., etc.

Amazing array!


Gadfly has, of course, been following Finding H.D.:  A Community Exploration of the Life and Work of Hilda Doolittle and hopes to do more in highlighting local artistic talent and events.

Such as Touchstone’s Festival UnBound.

Gadfly hopes you will get on board and help provide community support for this wonderful project.

Not too early to get your Festival UnBound tickets here or here!

And please consider donating here as well.

Craig Larimer, “Touchstone Theatre announces 10-day Festival Unbound schedule and ticket sales.” Morning Call, August 6, 2019.

On Monday, Bethlehem’s Touchstone Theatre announced a schedule and ticket plan for Festival Unbound — a 10-day series of about 20 events that intends to use the arts community to help chart a course for the creative future.

The festival will feature free and ticketed events Oct. 4-13 throughout the Lehigh Valley, but with a concentration in Bethlehem. According to festival organizers, Festival UnBound will use art to spark conversations about how the city has changed since Bethlehem Steel closed, and to imagine a future together — after being “unbound” from the Steel.

The festival was organized in collaboration with the City of Bethlehem, local African American and Latino communities, educational institutions such as the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts and Moravian College, and area steelworkers and other residents.

The program plan includes nine pieces of original theater by local, national and internationally known artists and musicians, and will include parades, youth activities, street performances, panel forums/discussions and more.

About half of the events require tickets, while many are free.

Touchstone Theatre is one of the country’s longest continuously producing ensemble theaters. Festival UnBound is part of Touchstone’s mission of community-building.

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