Why not reward Bethlehem residents with a meter-rate rollback?

(103rd in a series of posts on parking)


How about rolling back the meter increase to $1.00/hour and increasing the fines? Some on Council felt that was the right way to increase revenue in the first place. Where is that analysis? If fine increases aren’t necessary, why not reward Bethlehem residents with a meter rate rollback and penalize violators with increased fines? This is plain backward thinking by penalizing law-abiding meter users and now not needing the increased fines. Does anyone realize how stupid this sounds?

Dana Grubb

Council, are you listening? Gadfly will get his pencil, pencil-sharpener, and green-eyeshade, and try to run some figures. But somebody has to be better at doing that. For instance, focus on fines proposed to move from $10 to $15. If the meter rate is rolled back from the current $1.50/hr. to the old $1/hr., what would the fines need to be to raise the same amount of revenue? Gadfly will handle placement of the Oxford commas, if someone else will deal with the decimal points.

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