Overheard in the check-out line at the hardware store . . .

It didn’t take long for Gadfly’s snarky to come back!

And Clairton has a coke works.

They still make coke?


I didn’t know they still made coke.


That’s somethin’.

We used to have a coke works here.



And now we’re goin’ to have a water park.



Just what every town needs.

Just what every town needs.


Wind Creek has been quoted as saying they see a water park in the old #2 Machine Shop as helping create the “the No. 1 resort destination in the Northeast.”

Irony you could taste flowed at the end of this above fragment of overheard conversation.

Gadfly must admit — despite Anna’s caution — that a huge indoor water park gives him the night sweats.

Gadfly has already shuddered publicly in a daytime post at the image of the Southside as a community of “Stacks, Steeples, and (Water) Slides.”

Can’t they find a use for #2 Machine shop that blends with the town’s history and character?

Or has the presence of the Casino changed everything?

A design that blends.

Gadfly’s been thinking about that verb a lot lately.

Kim Carrell-Smith planted it in his consciousness in a post a while back.

More on blended development soon.

One thought on “Overheard in the check-out line at the hardware store . . .

  1. People traveling huge distances to a ‘destination attraction’ is totally out of keeping with sustainability & responsible action in the face of global warming & the climate crises. Wind Creek should do as you suggest and find more appropriate use(s).

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