Perhaps the Parking Authority could show some good will

(The latest in a series of posts on City government)

Kim Carrrell-Smith is a 31-year resident of Bethlehem’s historic Southside, where she taught public history at Lehigh University for almost two decades. She is also an aspiring gadfly, buzzing in on issues of historic preservation, public education, city government, and other social justice issues. She tips her wings to the master gadflies who have served our community for so long!

Gadfly, since the BPA has historically not connected with the general populace (they seem to like their cozy life of isolation), how can they know that a meeting or topic will be hot? Generally they only know there is public interest or concern (if they do hear of it?) once a meeting has been held, and some folks speak out — and then it is often too late to have a more inclusive discussion of issues!

Agreed: a majority of folks would seem to be working at 4pm, and since we have a “people’s house” dedicated for such purposes, it would seem logical and considerate of the BPA to move its meeting time and location . . . just to show good will if nothing else. We could use more good will here and everywhere these days.


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