Let’s look at some BPA numbers (92)

(92nd in a series of posts on parking)

Parking issues are at our throats again.

Well, at the August 6 or August 20 City Council meeting probably.

Remember that July 2 the Bethlehem Parking Authority presented a draft proposal to build the Polk Street Garage with a private loan (no backing from the City) and seek approval to raise the parking violation schedule (meter rates went up January 1 but not the fine rates).

Remember that the PSG tab is estimated at $16.8m, with a similar figureĀ  hovering right behind it for the Walnut Street Garage.

And BPA plans to return to Council with the final plans August 6 or August 20.

The private loan needs no approval from Council, but Council does have final sway on the parking fines.

Gadfly does not have a good feeling about the BPA and said so at the July 16 City Council meeting.

video min. 37:04

Now Gadfly, you know, is not a numbers man.

He’s a word man.

But you don’t get your Gadfly merit badge without demonstrating a bit of courage.

So the Gadfly is going to dip in to some numbers to see what he can see.

The BPA budget: 2019 BPA Budget FINAL

The 2018 Desman parking study: https://bethpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Bethlehem-Parking-Study-6.15.18-FINAL-REPORT.pdf

And, finally, the “pro forma” BPA presented July 2: BPA Presentation – 7-2-19 – City Council – DRAFT

Would you join me?

Gadfly always urges you to go to primary sources.

What do you see?

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