Important alert: New Bethlehem Service Center for non-emergency communications

For emergencies in Bethlehem, still call 911 (no change).

To communicate non-emergencies in Bethlehem:
By phone: 610-865-7000|
By email:
By app: Bethlehem City Service Center on the App Store or Google Play
By website:


Sara Satullo, “Want to report that giant pothole that nearly ate your car? Bethlehem now has an app for that.”, July 18, 2019.

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With the consolidation of Bethlehem and Northampton County’s 911 services last month, officials on Thursday announced the formal opening of the Bethlehem Service Center and its accompanying app.

For emergencies, residents still will call 911 to notify the Northampton County 911 Center. For non-emergencies, residents will contact the city’s service center. To submit a concern they have options: Call or email, use the center’s website or use its new, free Bethlehem Service Center app.

Available on both Android and Apple smartphones and other devices, the app allows users to pick from five types of complaints, covering buildings, safety, nuisance, road and utility issues. Users can also attach media such as photos or sound to help document the issue.

Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez said the app was developed so the city could be more accountable, informative and transparent to its citizens.

Bethlehem City councilman William Reynolds said the app will narrow the gap between Bethlehem’s citizens and City Hall. “This is really a step forward, I think, as far as expanding the ways in which people are able to contact City Hall,” he said.

All complaints received by the service center will be sent to an applicable city bureau. The app will notify three to five people best suited to deal with the problem based on its classification. Robert Novatnack, the city’s emergency management coordinator, who is responsible for managing the center, will also be notified.

Mayor Robert Donchez announces the Bethlehem Service Center:

Remarks by Councilman J. William Reynolds:

Further remarks by the Mayor, and the Mayor and Business Manager Eric Evans answer questions. Evans describes the communication process in detail:

Huzza for the City


Gadfly hopes you have few emergencies and non-emergencies!

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