More night sweats

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Gadflies usually sleep soundly.

But after reviewing the BPA Polk Street Garage proforma, this Gadfly had a night-sweat dream about parking issues.

And now, last night, after hearing the sad stories from the “Bethlehem Residents for Responsible Development,” Gadfly had another perspiry dream.

Stephen Antalics appeared in a long old-fashioned nightshirt (with a Slovenian breast patch), looking like the Alistair Sim Scrooge from the classic Christmas Carol movie.

Stephen hoarsely whispered that Gadfly should rush to the Rotunda to witness City Council fighting to the death like mongoose and snakes over revising the friendly developer/landlord definition of “family” in the Zoning Code:

1302.43 Family. One or more individuals who are “related” to each other by blood, marriage or adoption (including persons receiving formal foster care) or up to 5 unrelated individuals who maintain a common household with common cooking facilities and certain rooms in common, and who live within one dwelling unit.

The epic battle that would determine the final fate of the Southside had finally been joined.

The Southside future was on the line.

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