Neighborhood Watch: Rosemont Area alert!

(The latest in a series of posts on Neighborhoods)

Gadfly had his “affordable housing” spectacles on when looking at today’s Planning Commission agenda and glanced over this item.

(19-001 Site Plan Review) – 19060001 – 815 Pennsylvania Avenue – Bethlehem Manor Expansion –Ward 13, Zoned RS, plan dated May 23, 2019. The applicant proposes to expand the personal care home by constructing a 10,026 sq. ft. 3 story addition and to increase the number of beds by 54, or from 75 to 129 beds, on a 3.016 acre lot.

Beth Manor

Rosemont area residents might want to get butts in the seats today at 4PM at Town Hall.

This might be another one of those times that the afternoon meeting time limits the number of attendees from the neighborhood.

On Paige Van Wirt’s Facebook page, Brian Nicas posted this:

Whoa whoa whoa! An expansion of the Bethlehem Manor facility?! Um no no no!! This is nestled in a residential area ! More traffic, more emergency responses when EMS/fire is there all the time already!

Enough. What were the conditions for initially making the structure into a nursing care facility? Seems like another Atiyeh problem in the making.

Completely against this!

Not acceptable!

Thanks for posting this! I had heard about it last week at the zoning board meeting between two members. Residents aren’t kept in the loop with items like this, so thank you for sharing.

“Residents aren’t kept in the loop” — that’s the scary part!

Yes, the City report provided to the PC is asking for a lot of information.

But Gadfly’s last report on the Planning Commission — on 1st Terrace — indicated the PC couldn’t find its “No.”

That’s another scary part.

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