A Modest Proposal: evening “open door” hours by Hizzoner the Mayor

(7th in a series of modest proposals)

Did Gadfly mention spare time?

Retirees are pretty busy.

That will surprise some people.

I keep an old-fashioned paper calendar. None of that electronic device stuff, no sir.

And I cross out entries as they get done. And then cross off the day when it is done. An old trick learned at the knee of Ben Franklin, the master of organization. Gives a sense of accomplishment.


I didn’t get yesterday crossed off, you will note.

If you look closely, you will see “open door?” still visible.

That’s a reference to Mayor Donchez’s open door days.

Did you know about these? The Mayor has “open door” days once a month. I’m not sure they are well publicized. In fact, it look me a while to find that link above just now.

I wanted to go. In fact, I’ve wanted to go in each of the 9 months I’ve been a gadfly. Something has always come up. And I was too busy yesterday again.

I’ve wanted to go mainly out of curiosity. To see who goes and how many. One hopes people would take advantage.

Gadfly is all about participation.

And I’m sure it’s fun for the Mayor.

It’s a good thing I didn’t try to go, however. Silly Gadfly had the day wrong anyway. The open door day in July was July 8 — Monday. I would have been disappointed.

But as I am about to cross off July 9 from my calendar and move “open door” to August 12, when I will try again, I remember a comment from a follower who wished not to post.

She wondered why the Mayor didn’t have hours in the evening, when more people might be available to take advantage of the open door.

After all, the Mayor is asking City committees to move out of the afternoon hours into the evening for precisely the same reason.

The “open door” policy is a very good thing, and Gadfly’s modest proposal, with tip o’ the hat to faithful follower, is that evening hours would be even more of a good thing.

And the Mayor might review how the opportunity is publicized.

Gadfly is cookin’ another modest proposal along these same lines that might stir more reaction. Stay tuned.

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