Who is on the BPA board? (87)

(87th in a series of posts on parking)

“I’m new to this issue. Who’s on BPA – elected? Appointed? Maybe name some names?”

So wrote a Gadfly follower recently during this thread on the BPA presentation on the Polk Street Garage proposal.

So the BPA board is made up of 5-6 members appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council.

The board chooses a chairperson.

The board hires an executive director for day-to-day operations. The board hires its own Solicitor.

The current board chair has been in office for a decent amount of time, maybe too long.

Gadfly’s sense is that the board Solicitor is an active force in BPA activities, maybe too forceful.

Gadfly’s sense — and it’s only a sense — is that the other members are not much involved in decisions.

Which is not a good thing if so.

For instance, Gadfly would have liked to see the board members at the July 2 Council meeting. Only the chair attended.

Gadfly hesitates to name names, not wanting to make criticism personal.

But Gadfly suspects that more care, more attention must be paid to selection of new members and at reappointment time.

To make sure that there is a diversity of viewpoint and a healthy independence among the members.

To make sure that resident interests are strongly represented.

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