Reusable straws arrive at Gadfly House

(The latest in a series of posts relating to the environment, Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan, and Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council)

The Gadfly invites “local color” photos of this sort


Reusable straws at family gathering courtesy of grandkid Carson Gadfly, age 13.

Tara Zrinski, Northampton County Council, will discuss renewable energy at the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) meeting on Thursday July 11th, 7 pm, at Illick’s Mill.

It’s Sunday, July 7, do you know where your local Climate Action Plan is?

One thought on “Reusable straws arrive at Gadfly House

  1. Seasons on Main Street has sets of stainless steel straws for $12.95 and it includes a brush specifically designed to clean them. They come in a small drawstring bag. I bought two, one for me and the second for a friend.

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