Do your research, Gadfly!

(The latest in a series of posts on the Southside and Neighborhoods)

Gadfly: I’m sure if you Google it, you will find recent news coverage of the Neighborhood Works program. The problem as I see it is that this program, while well-intentioned and a start, pales in comparison when you compare the amount of private development dollars going into upscale rental housing to the funds available in this program (for some reason $500,000 is in my head). Home ownership opportunities for all levels of income are what make a community vibrant and stabilize neighborhoods, not a home here, a home there, while hundreds of upscale rental units are the preferred model for most private investors.

Dana Grubb

Dana, I have a recollection of an article with a picture of the Mayor in front of a house (or houses), which I think was about Neighborhood Works, but I couldn’t locate it today. Sigh. But I was thinking more of the Mayor taking the opportunity to fill us in on that and such other projects, not just a newspaper article.

But I did find this good article by Sara Satullo that looks pertinent: “Worried your Bethlehem neighborhood’s going downhill? City has a plan for that.”

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  1. Home ownership is an important factor in community stability, but quality, affordable rental housing is also essential. I’m not familiar with the details, but I think NeighborWorks has a community engagement / community building program that is reportedly effective.

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