EAC turns up the heat on solar

(The latest in a series of posts relating to the environment, Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan, and Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council)

“There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil.
The triumph of anything is a matter of organization.”
(Kurt Vonnegut)

Our Environmental Advisory Council’s (EAC) Brian Nicas urged the Zoning Hearing Board to be aware of storm water considerations last night.

Took Gadfly by surprise — took the ZHB by surprise likewise — and he wasn’t prepared to record it.

Gadfly had not heard such a thing in the two years he’s been attending these meetings.

Good work, Brian!

But that EAC moment reminded me that I wanted to catch up on presentations he did record by EAC chair Lynn Rothman and member Kathy Fox on the EAC solar proposal (EAC Solar Ord. proposal) at the June 4 City Council Meeting.

(I’m reminded of Peter Crownfield’s comment on the Gadfly post about Lehigh’s new building — is Lehigh incorporating solar and other climate-relevant technologies? One would hope so even without an ordinance requiring it.)

EAC is not only active in producing good work (for example, the plastic bag ban proposal, a report on electric vehicles, etc.) but also active it promoting it.

We’ve all been reading about the legislators in Colorado who have left the state to avoid voting on Climate Action Plan proposals — I think our EAC has climate sheriffs posted at all the roads leading out of town to prevent such dastardly happenings here!

Listen to Lynn and Kathy’s pointed presentations:

Lynn Rothman

Kathy Fox

Gadfly loves to publish such voices as models of productive resident participation and as inspiration for us all to get involved.

Your non-tax dollars at work.

It’s Thursday, June 27, do you know where your local Climate Action Plan is?

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