The Mayor clobbers the 1st Terrace proposal, but . . .

(The latest in a series of posts on the Southside and Neighborhoods)

Zoning Hearing Board meeting, Town Hall, tonight, Wednesday,
June 26, at 6PM

There are three items on the Zoning Board agenda tonight.

The middle one is the proposal to put 40 student housing units on residential 1st Terrace above Lehigh University.

We have written about this before as a bad proposal. Gadfly was troubled that the Planning Commission couldn’t find its “no.”

Now it is before Zoning.

Stimulated by the posts of Kim Carrell-Smith, Gadfly devised the notion of butt-sharing.

Neighbors helping neighbors.

You get your butt to the hearing about my neighborhood, and I will get my butt to the hearing about yours.

Lots of you have never been to a City Council meeting, much less a Planning or Zoning meeting. Tonight would be a good opportunity to see important City neighborhood business in action.

Please turn out and lend silent symbolic support, even if you don’t plan to speak.

But the 1st Terracers have an unusual, powerful ally. The Mayor has taken a position against the proposal in the letter below. This IS unusual. Word is that this Mayor has not taken this step in a residential case before.

Donchez 1st Terrace

But the attorney for the developer is a good one. We’ve seen him in action before. He’s used to winning.

And the Planning Commission, faced with the same kind of evidence, couldn’t find its “no.”

It seems hard to say no to a developer. That’s why every neighborhood should be on the alert.

And butt-sharing.

Zoning Hearing Board meeting, Town Hall, tonight, Wednesday,
June 26, at 6PM

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