New idea: butt-sharing

(The latest in a series of posts on the Southside and Neighborhoods)

Zoning Hearing Board meeting, Town Hall, Wednesday, June 26, at 6PM

Gadfly tries to make clear that when he writes about one neighborhood, all neighborhoods should pay attention.

What’s happening in one neighborhood can happen in another.

Especially if it’s something bad.

We are all linked.

A recent case is the proposal to build 40 student units in the 1st Terrace residential neighborhood just above Lehigh University.

Gadfly whined about the Planning Committee’s wussy decision on this proposal: The Planning Commission couldn’t find its “No”

Then Kim Carrell-Smith followed with a provocative proposal of her own in these posts: butt-sharing.

Please support the residents of the 1st Terrace neighborhood at the Zoning meeting June 26

Southside residents and environmental folks need your body in a seat!

Well, butt-sharing is my term for what she suggested.

We have bike-sharing, ride-sharing, why not butt-sharing!

Kim suggests that even residents from outside the 1st Terrace neighborhood attend the Zoning Hearing Board meeting, Town Hall, Wednesday, June 26, at 6PM, in a show of support.

What a great idea.


And in one of her posts Kim even suggested standing in solidarity during the testimony! Better yet!

We give blood to our neighbors in need. How about giving your butt to a neighbor in need?

Are you free Wednesday night? Stop by. Developers are persuasive in this town. Our volunteer resident Boards sometimes have a hard time saying “no” to them.

“No” is easier with lots of butts in the seats.

Developers are easily emboldened. Let’s activate some restraint.

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