Alert! Vote on “demonstration ordinance” tonight postponed!

(The latest in a series of posts on City government)

from the City web site, thanks to the ubiquitous and omniscient Kathy Fox:

June 18, 201911:59 AM

City Council Meeting June 18, 2019

Proposed Article 961 / Bill 19-2019 Relating to Special Event Activity Permits, Demonstrations, and Use Permits.

The referenced proposed ordinance was submitted to Council for consideration on April 9, 2019. To be responsive to public and third party comments and concerns about the ordinance, including those of City Council, I am requesting postponement of final consideration of Bill 19-2019 and the related ordinance amendments until the Administration has a full opportunity to review the comments and integrate changes, if any are deemed appropriate.
I am requesting postponement indefinitely until such time as the Administration completes its review of the comments and suggestions and submits Bill 19-2019 with any recommended amendments for final consideration.

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