Concerns over how the new permit ordinance will operate and on whom

(The latest in a series of posts on City government)

Bill 19-2019 Establish Article 961-Special Event Activity Permits-1

The email copied below came out from LEPOCO this afternoon.

Gadfly loves LEPOCO. Gadfly loves the Lepocopians. Best people ever.  What a “cause.”

Joining and participating a bit was on his retirement bucket list.

In these pages, you have seen Gadfly participate in the Peace Pilgrimage and in the Bike-a-thon.

LEPOCO now has to have $1m insurance and pays $75 for a park permit for the Bike-a-thon, the Hiroshima-Nagasaki event next to the library, various events in the Rose Garden (though they have brought up at City Hall that certain other groups have the fee waived).

This new ordinance looks like it could well also affect the monthly peace vigil on the sidewalk second Thursday of every month, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, at the south approach to the Hill-to-Hill Bridge, 3rd & Wyandotte — as well as other LEPOCO activities.

Does it? Will it?

Nancy Tate wonders why the City didn’t reach out and alert the “usual suspects” applying for permits. She did not know about the proposed ordinance till seeing the Saturday newspaper article. The ordinance passed a first reading at May 7 Council, was discussed at a Committee meeting June 5, and is now up for final passage tomorrow.

Not much time if you have questions and concerns.

CPs Van Wirt, Negron, and Waldron showed concern for the ordinance as written and as supported by the City June 5. CPs Reynolds, Martell, and Callahan did not attend the meeting. So Gadfly doesn’t know which way the wind is blowing.

Gadfly suggests that if you have questions and concerns, you contact the Mayor and Council members immediately. Contact links are on the Gadfly sidebar. If they don’t show up on your phone or other ways you access Gadfly, go to

And Gadfly suggests that you come to the Council meeting and speak during public comment tomorrow night.

Gadfly will write more about this ordinance tonight and tomorrow.

Dear Friends,

In case you did not see reports in local newspapers, Bethlehem is considering an ordinance that will have significant impacts on many of the public events held by LEPOCO and other groups.  Please read the article linked below and consider attending the meeting prepared to speak during the opening comment period.  The meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18, in the City Council chambers, the Rotunda, Church Street (between the library and city hall).  Comments are limited to 5 minutes per speaker.  The meeting begins at 7 pm.   Please alert anyone you think should attend.

Peace, Nancy Tate
LEPOCO Peace Center
313 W. 4th Street
Bethlehem, Pa 18015
phone:  610-691-8730
fax: 610-691-8904

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