Chewing on SBHS concerns: identifying the source of the pain (6)

(The latest in a series of posts on the Southside and Neighborhoods)

“Good conversation builds community.”

Let’s see about that.

So we have been laying out the 3-part interchange kicked off by the letter of concern about the future of the Southside from the South Bethlehem Historical Society delivered by Lou James at the May 22 City Council meeting, spurring comments by Councilpersons Negron and Callahan at the June 4 meeting.

SBHS asks the City leaders “to consider the history that is being destroyed in the name of progress.”

Gadflies respond to pain, to citizen pain.

They instinctively want to heal.

To heal, you need to know the source of the pain.

CW Negron helps this gadfly focus on the source of the pain.

Two things:

1) disregard for rules

2) lack of affordable housing

Ok, now Gadfly can formulate questions to think about.

1) What can be done about the fact or the perception that rules pertinent to safeguarding the historical character of the City are being broken?

2) What can be done to provide affordable housing?

Want to help Gadfly think about each of these questions?


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