Northside 2027: Draft Plan Goals and Strategies

(the latest in a series of posts on Northside 2027 and Neighborhoods)

“There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil.
The triumph of anything is a matter of organization.”
(Kurt Vonnegut)

Northside 2027

April 10, 2019 meeting

Gadfly apologizes for the long delay in posting info on this excellent Northside 2027 meeting. The projects feels far along. You will find here a series of goals now, each with several sub-points. It is very interesting reading. Chew on this, and perhaps we’ll come back and look at specific recommendations. What jumps out at you?

The Introduction:

Councilman Reynolds, above, introduces the April 10 meeting of Northside 2027, focusing on the way the developing plan is built on community input , a fact very clear from the presentation that followed.

The presentation:

You can coordinate the slides with the audio and follow the presentation quite well.


2:43/slide 4: October 11 2018 Community Kick-Off

5:03/slide 6: Preliminary Vision Statement

5:33/slide 7: Plan Themes and Priorities Emerged

6:29/slide 8: November 2018 Residential and Commercial Area Tours

7:44/slide 10: Community Meeting #2 and Working Groups

10:07/slide 11: Groups Met Again

10:18/slide12: Community Survey Response

12:50/slide 14: Neighborhood Assets

Foster a Safe and Vibrant Public Realm

13:50/slide 15: Goal 1: prioritize multi-modal safety and connectivity between neighborhood assets

18:36/slide 18: Goal 2: enhance and beautify the public realm to create a sense of space

Foster Economic Vitality

20:34/slide 20: Goal 1: implement physical improvement to the Broad Street commercial corridor

23:40/slide 22: Goal 2: implement physical improvement to the Linden Street commercial corridor

26:15/slide 24: Goal 3: support existing businesses and attract new ones

Support the Housing Market

27:55/slide 25: Goal 1: support home owners and renters

29:40/slide 26: Goal 2: enhance quality of life for all residents

Support Residents through Services, Out-Reach, and Community Development

31:31/slide 28: Goal 1: leverage existing neighborhood assets to expand availability of resources

33:06/slide29: Goal 2: build community cohesion

Building Blocks of a Neighborhood Identity
34:10/slide 30

Neighborhood Constraints and Opportunities
35:10/side 31

38:48: Q&A



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