No issue between the 2 sides of the river; healthy that each side has its own identity

(the latest in a series of posts on Neighborhoods)

Bruce Haines is a Lehigh graduate who returned to Bethlehem after a 35-year career at USSteel. He put together a 12-member Partnership to rescue the Hotel Bethlehem from bankruptcy in 1998 and lives in the historic district.


I watched the May22 meeting on video, & I didn’t hear the Southside Historic District gentleman upset about any issue with the Northside. Rather what I heard is that the city is letting developers walk all over the SSHistoric Commission recommendations for the sake of growth.

As a Northside Historic District Champion, I don’t really believe there is any issue between the 2 sides of the river.

I think it is healthy that each side has its own identity & the city itself has divided it into the SS Arts & Entertainment District & Moravian Historic District. The marketing of each separately is healthy & trying to meld it into some amorphous blob to make us the same is a huge mistake IMO.

Each district marketing its strength is very healthy, & white Christmas lights on the Northside & color on the SS is part of our unique identity & heritage.

No animosity between North & Southside today IMO—that is old news!


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